This is just a disaster

Normally, I call my halftime notes entry something like: “Halftime notes as Ravens lead Team X 13-7”.

That just wouldn’t do tonight.

The Ravens have been so horrendous offensively that I needed to go another route. If Baltimore was facing even an average offensive team, they’d be in serious trouble right now. Instead, they’re down just 6-0 as we head to the half.

Here are some quick-hit notes on the ugliest half of play I’ve ever seen (including preseason):

* How bad have the Ravens been offensively? They don’t have a single first down. Not one. They’ve had 25 total plays, and have 16 total yards. Joe Flacco is 6-of-16 for eight yards, while Baltimore has eight rushing attempts for 15 yards.

* Want more? The Ravens have over twice as many penalty yards (40) as they do total yards.

* More? Flacco has completed more passes to himself (one) than the Ravens have first downs. Of course, that completion - which came off a batted ball at the line of scrimmage - went for a loss of eight. Makes perfect sense.

* The Ravens were facing a 4th and 43 at one point. Yeah, those numbers are accurate.

* Michael Oher had two holding penalties in the span of three plays. At least they weren’t false starts.

* Ed Reed tried to pick up a punt which had bounced in front of him and completely missed it. Had the ball bounced about two inches to the left, it would have hit Reed, and the fumble would have easily been recovered by the Jaguars deep in Baltimore territory.

* Paul Kruger singlehandedly gave the Jaguars three points by running into the punter on 4th down, giving Jacksonville five yards and allowing Josh Scobee to boot a 54-yard field goal after the penalty.

* Ray Rice hadn’t fumbled since Dec. 27, 2009 coming into tonight. He had one fumble on the Ravens’ third drive of the game, and had another three drives later, which luckily for Baltimore was overturned by a review.

Somehow, despite all that, the Ravens are down by just one possession. This game is far from over ... and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Nevermind, I take that back. Can I watch the World Series yet?

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