Déjà vu all over again

The Ravens pick up a big win. They head on the road the next week. They struggle early and fall behind against an inferior opponent.

Stop me if you’ve heard this before.

The same old script keeps on repeating itself for this Ravens team. For whatever reason, they just keep playing up to quality competition and down to sub-.500 competition.

And I don’t want to hear any of that “this is a good Seahawks team” business. Seattle had been whistled for 29 penalties in their last three games and put up just 28 points in that same span. This is a game the Ravens need to win 10 out of 10 times.

Here are a few quick-hit notes on the first 30 minutes of play:

- David Reed’s day so far: Three kickoff returns, two fumbles (both lost) and an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for dropping a football into the lap of a Seahawks player. The second-year wide receiver will have a tough time finding his way back onto the football field for a while after that first-half performance.

- Other special teams blunders for the Ravens in that first half included two missed Billy Cundiff field goals, the first of which featured a low snap by Morgan Cox and a 28-yard shank of a punt by Sam Koch. Special teams coordinator Jerry Rosburg has some work to do this week.

- This is the first time this season that the Seahawks have led at halftime. That is all.

- The Ravens have run 32 offensive plays today. 25 have been passes, seven have been runs. Two of those seven runs came on end-arounds. One of those five runs by a running back was by Ricky Williams. That means Ray Rice - a Pro Bowler in 2009 - has just four carries so far today, and just six touches overall.

- For the record, that was the same story in the Ravens’ loss to the Jaguars three weeks ago - Rice not getting the ball and the vast majority of the plays being passes.

- Four field goal opportunities for former Ravens kicker Steve Hauschka, four makes. Sure looks like a different guy than we saw in his time in Baltimore in 2009, when he missed four of his 13 attempts.

- Tavaris Jackson was limited this week by a right pectoral injury. You sure wouldn’t know it by how he’s thrown the ball today. Jackson - who doesn’t exactly strike fear in the hearts of opposing defenses - has gone 10-of-16 for 137 yards today. He’s led the Seahawks’ offense nicely.

- Ed Dickson is carrying the Ravens’ offense today, making seven grabs for 53 yards and a touchdown, including six catches on the team’s lone scoring drive. The second-year tight end is having a monster game, but he needs some help.

- Luckily for Reed (and the Ravens as a whole), the Baltimore defense held Seattle to six points after those two Reed fumbles. This game could be a lot uglier if not for a couple nice defensive stands.

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