Week 13 Ravens-Browns game flexed to 4 p.m. start

The Ravens’ most recent divisional tilt was so dramatic, I guess the NFL decided it wanted to bump Baltimore’s next AFC North game into a more prominent time slot.

The Dec. 4 Ravens-Browns game at Cleveland Browns Stadium has been flexed from its originally scheduled 1 p.m. start time to a 4:05 p.m. start.

This decision was made as part of the NFL’s flex scheduling, which allows the league to adjust the time of Sunday games between Weeks 11-17.

The league office also has decided to make a switch to the Week 13 Sunday night game, replacing the originally scheduled Colts-Patriots game with a matchup between the Lions and Saints.

How far have the Colts fallen due to Peyton Manning’s absence? They’re 0-10, are getting outscored by nearly 17 points per game, and have now had a primetime game against the Patriots taken away from them.

Raise your hand if prior to the season you expected a Colts-Patriots game to be bumped out of a Sunday night spot.

Yeah, me neither.

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