This week, it’s the Pagano Bowl

According to a string of tweets from various players, the Ravens had some issues taking off from BWI airport on their trip to San Diego yesterday.

The flight was delayed because of mechanical issues, and the team apparently was considering pushing it back to this morning. Instead, after a brief delay, the Ravens took off and subsequently landed safely around midnight Eastern Time.

Hope those issues aren’t an omen for how the rest of the team’s stay will go in San Diego.

Remember the diploma from Ball So Hard University that I said Terrell Suggs received yesterday? Turns out, it was made for Suggs by a friend of mine and his roommates.

BSHU_diploma.jpgSmall world.

They designed the diploma, had it printed and framed and then got it delivered to Suggs. The Ravens’ linebacker then autographed copies for each of the three guys who made it. A picture of the signed “masters degree” (apparently it’s a masters, not a doctorate, as I first thought) is at right.

Told you it looked legit.

As I mentioned earlier this week, a few games following the much-hyped coaching matchup between the Harbaugh brothers, we’ll have another pair of sibling coaches square off this Sunday night when the Ravens take on the Chargers.

You can call this one the Pagano Bowl.

Ravens defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano apparently isn’t the only bright defensive mind in the family, as his younger brother John has spent 10 seasons as the linebackers coach for the Chargers.

Their close bond has been put on hold this week, however, as the communication between the brothers has come to a halt with their two teams set to square off.

“We don’t talk this week,” Chuck Pagano said, a smile creeping across his face.

The brothers don’t look anything alike (as you can see for yourself here and here), but much like John and Jim Harbaugh, they followed in the steps of their father, who also was a football coach. Sam Pagano coached at Boulder’s Fairview High School for 25 years, winning three state titles in that span, and both of his sons eventually worked their way into the coaching ranks, as well.

Chuck and John have squared off seven times previously as opposing coaches, but the results haven’t been pretty for the elder of the brothers.

“I’m 1-6,” Chuck Pagano said this week. “The first six were JV teams that we took in there. Took a varsity team there in 2009 and won. We’re taking a varsity team out there again. I’m 1-6 against him. But anyway, it’s always fun to do it.”

Asked if he’s got any advice for Chuck after going through the Harbaugh Bowl back on Thanksgiving night, John Harbaugh chuckled.

“He’s done it a lot more than we have,” he said. “The pressure is on, so we expect a victory, absolutely.”

Pagano isn’t thinking too much about the family aspect of Sunday night’s game, however. The Ravens’ defensive guru is instead focused on slowing the Chargers’ dangerous offensive attack, which features a group of receivers that Pagano said resembles the Lakers because of their size and athleticism.

“When that ball is kicked off, it’s football, you know?” Pagano said. “You forget about all that stuff.”

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