Post-surgery, Boldin feeling “the best I’ve felt all year”

Anquan Boldin had surgery two weeks ago to repair a torn meniscus. But what we didn’t know until today is that the Ravens wide receiver has been battling the knee injury for a lot longer than two weeks.

Boldin admitted this afternoon that he has played through a partially torn meniscus for this entire season, and he only opted to get surgery to repair the knee after it worsened during a Tuesday practice on Dec. 20.

“I played with it partially torn all year,” Boldin said. “I just felt like I’d just play until it (tore), and that’s what it did. It tore enough to where it flipped up and my knee started catching. I couldn’t run or anything like that. Felt it necessary to go ahead and get it taken care of.”

The nine-year veteran was back running around in practice just eight days after the procedure, and he’s looked pretty sharp in the two practices this week.

“I’m feeling good,” Boldin said. “Probably the best I’ve felt all year. I’m full-go right now.”

It’s been a quiet 2011 season for Boldin, who made 57 grabs for 887 and three touchdowns in his 14 games played.

Boldin had to sit out the last two games of the regular season, but the Ravens were able to earn wins both of those weeks and lock up a first-round bye, which has given Boldin extra time to recover from the surgery.

“For me, if it was going to happen, it happened at the perfect time,” Boldin said. “You can’t control those things, but like I said, no better time than when it did happen.”

Now, he’ll work back into the Ravens’ offense and hope to make a Super Bowl run for the second time in his career.

“I think we like where we’re sitting right now,” he said. “Got an opportunity to get a bye, get some guys around the locker room healthy and we’ve got a home game. I think everybody around here’s been looking forward to that for a number of years. So we’ll take care of business when the time comes.”

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