What's going on in Denver? (updated)

This must be confusing for Ravens fans.

Do you want the Steelers to win so they have a chance of knocking off the top-seeded Patriots in New England next weekend?

Do you want the Broncos to win because ... you want the Steelers to lose?

My guess is that for the first time in a long time (and possibly ever) a large number of Ravens supporters were going with Option No. 1 - rooting for the Steelers so that there was a greater chance of the AFC Championship Game being played in Baltimore, should the Ravens beat Houston next weekend.

Only problem is, Tim Tebow had a first half like he often has in the second half.

Tebow finished the first 30 minutes having thrown 185 yards and a touchdown and rushing for another score.

Ben Roethlisberger looks incredibly immobile, the Steelers are incredibly banged up and they're incredibly getting no pressure on Tebow.


This is getting very interesting, and I can't say I saw any of it coming.

UPDATE: There you have it. The Steelers are done, and Tebow & Co. are heading up to New England.

In yet another shocking Broncos finish, Tebow made a big play late in the game, and Demaryius Thomas delivered a man's stiff arm on his way to an 80-yard game-winning overtime touchdown.

All of the top-four seeds in the AFC have made their way to the division round. Now, after a week of rest, the Ravens can get in on the action.

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