Which team do you want to face?

There are three teams that the Ravens have the possibility of squaring off against in the divisional round next Sunday at M&T Bank Stadium.

One of them has lost its last three games, is without a number of key players due to injuries, has the NFL's No. 2 defense and already lost to the Ravens 29-14 this season.

Another has lost its last three games, has a quarterback who has thrown for one touchdown and four interceptions the last three weeks, but has the league's top rushing attack.

The third has already lost to the Ravens twice this year, has a hobbled quarterback and lost its top running back for the season, but has the NFL's No. 1 defense.

Those teams - in order - are the Texans, Broncos and Steelers. And whichever one of them is the highest-seeded squad remaining after this weekend will be the one to come to Baltimore next Sunday.

But which one do you want the Ravens to face?

Do you want to see Houston in the divisional round because of all their injuries and issues of late? The Texans have struggled offensively the last few weeks, but their defense is tough.

Would you like to see the Tim Tebow circus come to town? That Broncos rushing attack against the Ravens' rush defense could make for an interesting matchup.

Or would you like a third battle against Pittsburgh with the Ravens getting a chance to bounce their arch rivals from the postseason?

One factor to consider before answering is that if the Patriots fall in the divisional round of the playoffs but the Ravens come through with a win, Baltimore would host the AFC Championship Game.

Knowing that, would you want the most dangerous of the four AFC teams that play this weekend (likely Pittsburgh) to play at New England next week? Such a scenario would give the Ravens arguably the best shot at another home game.

For that scenario to unfold, the Steelers would have to win at Denver and the Texans would have to hold off Cincinnati for the win.

There's a lot to consider here, but I'm curious to see all your responses.

Who do you want to see come to Charm City a week from Sunday?

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