And the offseason begins

I’m pretty sure Ahmad Bradshaw will go down as having the most awkward game-winning touchdown in Super Bowl history.

Bradshaw’s bizarre “I don’t know whether to score or fall down on the 1-yard line” touchdown with under a minute left in the fourth quarter last night gave the Giants their second Super Bowl in five years.

On the losing end - both times - were Tom Brady and the Patriots, who, as Steelers safety Ryan Clark and defensive end James Harrison pointed out last night on Twitter, have not won a Super Bowl since the infamous “Spygate” scandal back in 2007.

Interesting to see a couple players voluntarily get involved in that whole mix.

From a fan’s perspective, are you happy that the team that knocked out the Ravens got knocked out themselves, or would the loss in New England be easier to take if the Patriots had gone on to become Super Bowl champions?

I’m not sure which is better.

Last night’s game wasn’t an all-time thriller, but I enjoyed it. It marks the first time a seven-loss team has won a Super Bowl, and shows us yet again that, often times, it doesn’t matter which team has the most impressive record or the biggest stars. Lately, we’ve seen that the team that’s the hottest down the stretch is the one that can be the most dangerous.

In some ways, you could make the claim that the Ravens directly affected how last night’s game turned out.

Patriots All-Pro tight end Rob Gronkowksi was clearly not himself after suffering a high ankle sprain when Ravens safety Bernard Pollard tackled him in the second half of the AFC championship game two weeks ago. Gronkowski - who had over 1,300 receiving yards and 17 touchdowns during the regular season (an NFL-record for a tight end) - made just two grabs for 26 yards last night. His lack of effectiveness really hurt the Pats’ offense, as their longest passing play all game was just 21 yards.

Pollard, who had said he’d be rooting against the Patriots, must have enjoyed the outcome.

Anyone else feel like Wes Welker was channeling his inner Lee Evans yesterday?

With four minutes left and New England driving, Welker could have made a big grab of about 25 yards that would’ve given the Patriots a chance to put the game away, only the ball bounced out of his hands and fell to the turf. After the game, a teary-eyed Welker put full blame on himself for the loss, which brought back memories of Evans, who was similarly emotional after missing out on a chance to bring in a game-winning touchdown pass in the AFC title game.

As of today, the offseason has officially begun (even though anyone who works in or covers the NFL knows there’s really no such thing as an “offseason”), and soon enough, we’ll turn our attention to the Combine, the draft and free agency.

How quickly it all comes around yet again.

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