Some interesting AFC North activity

Former Raiders head coach and Ravens quarterbacks coach Hue Jackson has signed on to become an assistant coach with the Bengals.

But the guy who has been a QB coach, wide receivers coach, running backs coach and offensive coordinator at various points throughout his coaching career won’t handle what you might think during his tenure in Cincinnati.

Jackson will work specifically with the Bengals’ defensive backs and will also focus on special teams.

I’m sorry, what?

Jackson has special teams experience - albeit he most recently coached special teams all the way back in 1991 - but he’s never worked on the defensive side of the ball before. Interesting to see him go from a head coaching gig to positional duties that he hadn’t held previously.

It’ll also be interesting to see what Jackson has in store for Joe Flacco, his former pupil, during the two times that the Ravens and Bengals will meet during the 2012 season.

And, as a Twitter follower sarcastically pointed out, wouldn’t it be funny if Jackson was the player to be named later in the Carson Palmer trade?

One more thing that will be interesting (while I’m listing interesting things): the offseason Mike Wallace sweepstakes.

The Steelers wide receiver is a restricted free agent this offseason, and if Pittsburgh doesn’t put the franchise tag on him, they risk losing the speedster. Wallace could be signed to an offer sheet by a team willing to give up its first round pick in April’s draft (the likely compensation Pittsburgh would be owed) and with cash to spend, and if that deal is front-loaded, the cash-strapped Steelers might not be able to match it.

The Ravens might not come into play there because they don’t have a ton of money to toss around with Joe Flacco and Ray Rice needing long-term deals, but you can bet they’d love to see Wallace leave the division if another team is willing to pay up.

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