Moving on, but not going far

In my four years covering the Ravens, I’ve seen Terrell Suggs perform countless quirky and ridiculous acts (links attached to each individual word), learned why it’s best to approach Bernard Pollard for an interview at least five minutes prior to shower time and had Troy Smith challenge me to a dance-off.

Buy me a drink and I’ll tell you all about that last incident.

I’ve watched Ray Lewis perform his “Hot in Herre” dance from the press box over 30 times (and while some might scoff at all the gyrating, I still get a kick out of it), seen Ray Rice and Joe Flacco go from wide-eyed rookies to big-time performers and covered two AFC championship games.

And now, I’ll be moving on to the next step in my career, one hopefully filled with as many positive memories as my last.

I’m very excited to officially announce that I’ve been hired as’s Washington Nationals beat writer, and in a couple hours, I’ll be heading down to Viera, Fla. to cover Nats spring training and begin a new journey.

This is going to be a big transition for me, largely because I thoroughly enjoyed my last four seasons with the Ravens, but it’s a challenge that I’m truly excited for.

I’ve got a number of people to thank for all that they’ve done for me over the last four seasons, starting with my bosses at MASN for giving a young guy new to the business a chance to have my own beat and allowing me the flexibility to take this blog in any direction I wanted. They allowed me to make this space my own, and I really appreciate their trust in that regard.

I’d also like to thank the Ravens’ excellent PR staff for their help in my time covering the team, as well as all of the players, coaches, members of the organization and fellow reporters that have helped make this such a fun experience.

But most importantly, I’d like to thank you, the Ravens fans who have read my blog here on, interacted with me on Twitter or gotten to know me at any point along the way. These four years have been a blast, partly because of the Ravens’ success, but mostly because I’ve genuinely enjoyed the rapport with everyone across all of the platforms that I’ve been fortunate enough to grace.

While I might now be covering a different team that plays a different sport in a different city, in some ways, things won’t change all that much.

You’ll still be able to find me on (and on the front page now) and you can catch me making on-air appearances on MASN during the Nats’ pre and postgame shows.

I hope many of you will continue to follow my work on MASN and interact with me both in the comments section of my new blog and on Twitter. Believe me when I say that I’ll be keeping up on all things Ravens, and will be happy to continue talking about the team even now that I won’t be around Owings Mills quite as much.

My main goal, however, will be getting my feet wet at Nats camp the next couple weeks before my new Nats blog officially launches March 13.

It should be a fun ride. Hope to see some of you along the way.

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