Let’s make a deal


Just thought I’d say that for fun. Actually, I didn’t expect to get such a great response to my last entry, but it was a lot of fun to hear from all of you, so let’s keep it going.

First off, let me say that it wasn’t just a topic I chose off the cuff. I asked around to see what you all might respond to and, well, you did, so I guess I found a good topic.

I’d also like to mention that some of you actually read what I wrote, and some of you only saw the words “TRADE BRIAN.”

I enjoy the dialogue, but it gets stalled if you don’t take in the whole of what was said. Oriole fan 33, nice job, you got it--Thank you. Domenic and others, the four-year contract is what makes the deal even better for Brian. He’s a steal at that price, I think. I see your other points though and I like it--stick around, you’re in my front row.

As for the rest of the class, Adam, c’mon what does “contract situational knowledge” have to do with it? I like your passion but let’s stay on track.

But sit next to Adam, I still like him.

Henry, you missed the point (lol) but we’d need a crystal ball to prove it. Nebraska, you are really watching the games too closely, but you get to sit in the front row too--ahead of Adam and Domenic if they let you.

BMS, yes they will give up prospects to win this year. Bill of Sals, your job is to come up with a realistic trade. Do some homework. Shawn, Jeremy would get a lot --people around baseball know what he is really worth. Daniel, it’s a business deal. You have to take your heart out of it. Nick, A+ - Sit next to Nebraska. Carlos, GregA, Sherno, and Dennis, we need more communication. Robert People, you’re very pensive--good job and stick around. Frank, yes I think that Brian has a lot more years. Ching, ching, but who else will get us another deal like Tejada and Bedard?

Wow, you’ve all been great, but let’s not forget that we are just jockeying around here to find out where we stand and what we’re really worth. Try not to think with your heart here. It’s what made this organization great. They made deals that a lot of people thought were bad but look what happened. Doyle Alexander, Grant Jackson, and Ken Holtzman, were 3 of 5 players who were great in their day, and all three were traded from Baltimore to NY in a ten-player deal.

The Orioles got back Scott McGregor, Tippy Martinez, Rudy May, Dave Pagan, and a 162-pound back-up catcher at the time. All were unknown prospects who paid off.

Rudy was later traded for Gary Roenicke and Tim Stoddard. I’m sure people were upset that the O’s gave up proven winners in Alexander, Jackson, and Holtzman. It’s a pivotal time for the O’s. I see daylight here the way we did when Brian came up with Matos and Bigby and Gibbons. We had a chance to jump back in the race when Jason Johnson started off 10 -1, and we could have traded him for a bunch at the time and acquired a shortstop and a young starter at least. He ended up with a losing record by the end of the season.

We have to keep thinking and trying until we find the right combo. Don’t fall in love with anybody at this time of year. Wait until we win it all again, and then you can make them talk show hosts...LOL...