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Dempsey's Dugout: Ty Wigginton

Another Sunday has come and that means another edition of Dempsey's Dugout. This week, Rick got the opportunity to talk with Ty Wigginton about hitting, fielding and what Ty likes to do to prepare for a game. Also, Ty tells Rick about the adjustment he made early in his career that he credits to him becoming a better hitter.

Wigginton gives some keys to successful hitting

In the latest addition of "Dempsey's Dugout" Ty Wigginton talks about his early-season success at the plate. Wigginton leads the team with 13 home runs so far this season and shares some of the keys to his success.

A player's perspective on changing up signs

With video playing a larger role in game preparation, it's become easier for teams to pick up on another club's signs. Rick brings a player's perspective to the problem and breaks down how a catcher can make it tougher for another team to pick up on his team's signs.

Examining the relationship between pitcher and catcher

In his latest Dempsey's Dugout, Rick spent time with O's left-hander Brian Matusz. Matusz talked with the O's Hall of Famer about his relationship with catcher Matt Wieters, how he's gotten better at holding runners, and how he has mastered the feel for his offspeed pitches.

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