If the glove fits... (updated)

Major League Baseball will announce the AL’s Gold Glove winners around 3 p.m. You can watch live on ESPNews if your boss isn’t looking over your shoulder.

Adam Jones will become official, and we’ll learn whether Torii Hunter and Ichiro Suzuki will join him. You’ll probably collect on your bet if you choose them.


The assumption is that Grady Sizemore’s injury-filled season, which resulted in an early shutdown and two surgeries, will prevent him from taking home the hardware. But that’s more of a guess than a declaration.

Nick Markakis didn’t get the award, and I’m sure that bothers some folks here who figured he was more deserving. I most definitely would haven chosen him last year over Ichiro, who seemed to win it more on reputation.

Is anyone surprised that Jones and Paul Blair are the only Orioles outfielders to receive a Gold Glove (Blair has eight of them)?

Al Bumbry played a pretty good center field. He didn’t have much of an arm, but that’s not a deal-breaker. The trio of Brady Anderson, Mike Devereaux and Steve Finley covered a lot of ground. Ken Singleton had the arm, but not the legs.

Fred Lynn’s best days were behind him once he arrived in Baltimore. Albert Belle didn’t have many good days in right, but no one had the nerve to tell him.

Speaking of Singleton, here’s a “Did You Know?” - His first 19 home runs as an Oriole were solo shots. No. 20 was an opposite-field grand slam.

Update: And now it’s official. Jones, Hunter and Ichiro are the AL’s Gold Glove outfielders.

First baseman Mark Teixeira, second baseman Placido Polanco, shortstop Derek Jeter and third baseman Evan Longoria also were honored.

Pitcher Mark Buehrle and catcher Joe Mauer rounded out the group.

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