Another morning in Indy

Two days down, 1 ½ to go.

The annual managers luncheon takes place at noon. None of the conversation is on the record - notepads are left in back pockets, tape recorders are turned off - but it can provide insight into potential moves down the road.

You also learn everybody’s favorite salad dressing, but it’s not worth reporting.

At least one team official is optimistic that the Orioles could make a deal before the winter meetings conclude. If it doesn’t happen, he’s still encouraged by the progress that’s been made here.

Kevin Millwood remains a prime target for the Orioles. That rumor was hot, tepid, cool and warm within a 24-hour period.

The truth lies somewhere in there.

In actuality, the Orioles remain one of the primary suitors, but the Rangers will have to absorb some of Millwood’s salary and not expect to receive one of the organization’s top young arms.

The Orioles wonder where some of the names were hatched in various reports, including pitcher Chris Tillman and outfielder Felix Pie. And don’t bother asking for left-hander Zach Britton. He’s not going anywhere.

Also, the Orioles remain open to choosing a player in tomorrow’s Rule 5 draft. Not saying there’s a specific one in mind, but it’s possible. They haven’t dismissed the idea, and with the roster at 39 players, they can participate.

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