Meeting with MacPhail - II (w/ video)

President of baseball operations Andy MacPhail confirmed tonight that he met with the SFX group, which represents former Orioles left-hander Erik Bedard.

MacPhail hasn’t seen the medical reports on Bedard, but the club seems confident that he’ll be available soon enough after undergoing a second shoulder surgery that it’s worth holding discussions.

Andy MacPhail and Roch Kubatko recap Day Two of the Winter Meetings

MacPhail also met with Alan and Randy Hendricks, who represent Cuban pitcher Aroldis Chapman. He said it’s too early to determine whether the Orioles remain in the running to sign the left-hander, since Chapman recently changed agents.

It’s still unlikely to happen, but we can’t close the book on it.

MacPhail hasn’t met with agent Scott Boras, but they talked before arriving in Indianapolis and plan to meet before returning home.

Boras’ clients include Adrian Beltre and Hank Blalock.

More to come.

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