Getting to third base

As I walked through the lobby of the Westin around noon today, I saw president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail and other team personnel gathering for the drive to the airport and their trip back to Baltimore.

I was tempted to ask whether could shoot video of him going through security, but I figured he needed a break from us.

MacPhail believes in letting the market play out at certain positions if Player A isn’t deemed significantly better than Player Z. Pedro Feliz, viewed as the Orioles’ first choice at third base, will be playing all the way out in Houston after agreeing to a one-year, $4.5 million deal with the Astros.

We already eliminated Adrian Beltre, who wanted too much money and too many years. He supposedly had a preference to stay on the West Coast, but he either prefers the Red Sox more or has no concept of geography. They’re the frontrunners.

San Diego’s Kevin Kouzmanoff and Florida’s Dan Uggla remain in play. MacPhail seemed to dismiss Uggla, preferring a natural third baseman, so this would require a shift in thinking.

Joe Crede is a possibility on the free-agent market. And Garrett Atkins will likely be non-tendered by Colorado.

The market is shrinking as it plays out.

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