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On not making an injured pitcher the first acquisition:
“I don’t think the first move we could make to improve our rotation would be somebody that really had some medical concerns and took a higher than customary risk on the medicals. You needed somebody that you felt was going to be pretty solid and provide you that base of innings. Now, we have some latitude to take a flyer.”

Andy MacPhail announces the Kevin Millwood trade from the media room at the Winter Meetings

On whether Kevin Millwood is the No. 1 starter:
“For us, it’s likely that he’s going to be the first starter and we think it’s going to have a positive cascading effect on Jeremy Guthrie, Brian Matusz, Brad Bergesen, Chris Tillman, David Hernandez, and Jason Berken.”

On whether he could make any more moves before leaving Indianapolis:
“I would be surprised if we did. We’ve been pretty busy. Ever since we landed, we’ve been preoccupied with talking to player representatives or clubs. I think we have a better understanding now than before we got here about what might be available to us and what might not be. I’m pleased with that. I would not expect that there would be anything else that got done here, but again, we have one more day.”

On whether it was important to send a message to fans:
“I did not anticipate that we would be able to land a starter first. I came into these meetings thinking we had a better chance to fill one of the corner infield spots out of here, but it worked out 180 degrees from the way I thought it would. But each market is a little bit different and we were pleased to be able to knock that off. In our conversations with Dave (Trembley) and the rest of our guys, our first priority was trying to get that 200-inning guy to take some of the weight off our kids and get the right guy in terms of helping our kids make the adjustments to the major league. Everything we heard about Millwood could not have been a better fit for that role.”

On whether this relieves some pressure on Jeremy Guthrie:
“We hope so. Now, the matchups aren’t going to be against everybody else’s number ones. Things can sort of ratchet down. This doesn’t close us out from looking for additional pitching. Really, Jeremy did a nice job for us in 2008 in that role. He probably did a better job than we had the right to expect. I think this will help him get back to that 2008-type year. There were a lot of clubs that were interested in Jeremy Guthrie, trying to buy low. But again, those are 200 innings we need as well.”

On whether he’s met with agent Scott Boras:
“I have not yet. Our guys run into him and talk to him and we will talk. I’m sure we’ll talk now that Kevin’s here. That’s another reason to talk, because he represents Kevin.”

On whether he made any offers to free agents:
“Finite offers, no. We got a better understanding of where we might be in the ballpark and where we are not, and that is immensely useful. I needed to have this Millwood thing play out and know about whether it was going to get done or not get done and what the financial impact was going to be. I wanted to get that resolved before we ever get to that level. We have already spent a considerable amount of time trying to figure out the next order of things, which isn’t as easy as one might think. Where is the money best spent next? You have to sort of get a feel for where the market is going and what needs to be teed up next and that’s not a simple process.”

On whether teams are asking for the moon:
“By and large, we haven’t had too many guys come in here and when they leave, we go, ‘Holy smokes, what are they thinking? They are way high or they are going to get a cold shower.’ Most of the time, they came in and they were just about at where we anticipated. I would say it’s probably more so this year than last. A lot of times, they come in here and you’re just astonished by what they are first asking.”

On the roster turnover since he was hired:
“I’m happy with the level of talent that’s in the organization now. Some of it was already in the organization, just at the lower levels, like a Nolan Reimold. But being able to sign (Matt) Wieters and (Jake) Arrieta from that first draft, and we added (Chris) Tillman, we added (Adam) Jones, we added (Felix) Pie. Now, we have Millwood. (Brad) Bergesen was already there. I’m very happy with the amount of talent that we have in the organization, whether it was there before or it has come after. I’m very pleased with that. I’m not as pleased that our wins haven’t really moved much at all. We’ve had some very significant individual success, some of these young kids, the Reimolds, the Wieters, the Bergesens, the (Brian) Matuszes, the Tillmans. I’m very pleased with that. But we want to show as an organization now some collective success. We want to surround these kids with some quality major league players that can help them learn what it is to win in the American League East. That’s why we’re so happy to have Kevin Millwood to join the organization.”

On whether he’s had multiple meetings with agents:
“Not multiple formal meetings. We’ve had follow-ups but nothing formal and nothing that is indicative of something necessarily being around the bend.”

On whether he’s set a win-total as a goal for next season to indicate sufficient progress:
“I finally got an answer to this question. It’s taken me 30 years. You’ll know when you see it and so will our fans. They’re pretty savvy. It’s not a number, but you’ll know it when you see it.”

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