More on Johnson

The Orioles gambled that Steve Johnson, the son of former Orioles pitcher and current 105.7 broadcaster Dave Johnson, would slip through the Rule 5 draft because he isn’t a power arm.


To me, it wasn’t necessary to protect infielder Pedro Florimon. He’s a definite prospect, but it’s hard to imagine a team trying to stash him on it’s 25-man roster all season.

Keep in mind that Johnson could easily end up back in the organization. That’s a common occurrance. And Johnson is looking at a healthy pay raise if he stays.

I’ll make the early prediction that the Giants eventually offer him back. And that a lot of people in Baltimore will be tracking the club’s spring training moves.

In the minor league phase of the draft, the Orioles took pitcher Jose Duran from Houston’s organization. We don’t have rosters handy, so forgive any misspellings.

The Pirates took shortstop Rodolfo Cardona from the Orioles’ system.

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