Not getting Miggy with it - Part II

It doesn’t appear that the Orioles will be making any moves prior to the Winter Meetings that begin on Monday. It’s safe to leave the house.

I’m still not getting any indication that the Orioles are serious players for free agent Miguel Tejada. They’re not in a position to rule out anything at this stage, but I’m told they’re far more likely to go in another direction while trying to find a replacement for third baseman Melvin Mora.

The Tejada talk has mostly been speculative, which happens every year at this time. He seems more willing to play third base, which is convenient because that’s where a lot of teams view him. The Orioles need a third baseman. They share a past with him.

On the surface, it might make sense.

Not as much inside the Warehouse.

The one big drawback with Tejada, as you know, is he’s not a true third baseman. Same with Dan Uggla. The Orioles are confident that they can find one while waiting for Josh Bell.

They’re likely to let the market play out if they don’t see a big difference between Player A and Player Z at certain positions. And if you dismiss Chone Figgins, who doesn’t bring the power that they want, is there much of a gap among the remaining candidates at third?

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