Random quotes (w/ Trembley video)

Andy MacPhail on how the trade unfolded:
“This is something we were aware of a couple days before we got here. We got some prep work done, and the more we looked at it, the more we liked it. We went through give and take with names for really a couple days. There were names going back and forth to try to work this out. Money was also an issue, quite honestly. There was, ‘All right, I put in this much cash, I get this player. I take this cash out, I get this player.’ There was that balance that was continually trying to be struck so we could find the right thing for both teams.

“They asked if we would have interest and we liked him on our board, but we had the other guys. He was clearly somebody who interested us. He fits the bill for what we’re looking for. We were looking for a veteran starter who we feel has good makeup, can do the role that he did for the Rangers last year. He took a talented young staff and took some of the weight and burden off the rest of the starters by making his starts. And he has, from what I understand, a well-deserved reputation in the game for being the type of guy who will help some of our young starters as they start their major league careers. It wasn’t hard to answer ‘yes,’ that we would have interest if we could work something out.”

Dave Trembley reacts to the Orioles’ acquisition of Kevin Millwood

MacPhail on the advantage of acquiring a high-end guy for one year:
“I think you have to take kind of a global view of our club. We feel like we got some young pitching coming up even beyond that young pitching that showed itself last year. We know the contract expires at the end of the year, that there are some positive aspects of that and there are some negative aspects of that. You could conceivably end up with draft choices based on the season he had last year. And also you would have the benefit of whatever money rolls off the next year.

“I’m always a big believer in giving yourself some flexibility every year. Give yourself some money rolled off. Sometimes it’s money that performed at a high level for you and it’s problematic replacing it, and sometimes it’s money that didn’t perform at a high level for you and you’re glad that you can go back into the market and try to do something different with it. This year, we had some flexibility financially.

“Our first goal, talking to Dave (Trembley) and our guys, was to try to surround that young pitching staff with a veteran guy who could really take the weight and burden off the next guy. We think he’ll have a positive impact, not just on the days he goes out there, but the days the other kids go out there.”

MacPhail on whether the Orioles will negotiate a contract extension before free agency:
“I think we’ll see over time. Let’s get our feet wet. I don’t think it’s something you attack. Let him get familiar with us and let us see how things play out.”

MacPhail on whether he had any reservations about trading Chris Ray:
“Absolutely. He’s shown he can close when healthy and that was an issue we debated. To get something, you’ve got to give something up. It’s just part of the deal. That’s what makes it equitable. But right now in our view, the starting pitcher was more valuable to us in 2010 than right-handed relievers with good arms. We feel like we can replace that easier than finding a guy who can pitch 200 innings.”

Dave Trembley on the importance of Millwood:
“He’s going to be the anchor of the staff and he allows the other guys to be slotted into the position that will allow them to be better. That’s really what Kevin is going to do. He’ll be a guy that comes here with a proven track record, a lot of experience, a guy that we’ll be able to count on every fifth day. Our younger guys will be able to learn from him, but I think our younger guys will now be in a position where they’ll be able to succeed more.

“Professional, competes, wants the ball. Andy called him and I talked to him after that. I think that another thing that’s kind of nice is he had a list of teams he could be traded to and one of them was the Orioles. He knows what we’re trying to do here and he’s very familiar with what we have on the club.”

Trembley on other benefits to having Millwood on the staff:
“What it does is it puts the other guys behind him in positions where I think they’re going to have greater opportunities to succeed. It helps the team, but it helps our individual guys developing down the road maybe a little bit quicker. I think also it helps (Jeremy) Guthrie get in a situation where I think you’re going to see [him] return to the way he pitched in 2008.”

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