Still waiting on Atkins (updated again)

Garrett Atkins is undergoing his physical exam in Baltimore, and his signing should become official later today. The only real news would come if he failed it, which would be an upset of major proportions.

The only drama for me - and this is purely for selfish reasons - is whether I’m driving to the warehouse for another media gathering in the Jay Payton Room, as I refer to it, or introducing myself to Atkins via conference call.

A trip to the warehouse would occur later this afternoon. The call could be arranged tomorrow morning, depending on Atkins’ flight schedule.

In the grand scheme, it’s not that important either way. It’s a blog entry during Christmas week. I just need to know whether I’ll need a second shower and pants.

By Opening Day, I should know whether he’s my new favorite Garrett. He’ll have a ways to go to pass Olson, and I never met Stephenson.

Update: Atkins’ signing is official. I’ll pass along some comments from him later today.

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