Stop, Luke and listen

The Orioles will be announcing a new field coach at Triple-A Norfolk. Dallas Williams isn’t returning in 2010.

Luke Scott was tendered a contract yesterday, as expected, and he’ll likely reach an agreement with the Orioles in January. That’s how it played out last winter.


He’s not guaranteed a roster spot, however.

Scott knows he’s a trade chip for the Orioles, though president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail isn’t concerned about a logjam in the outfield.

During the Winter Meetings, MacPhail reminded reporters of all the injuries that struck the outfield this season. The Orioles started running out of bodies.

But Scott becomes a little more expendable if the Orioles sign or trade for a player who projects as a full-time designated hitter, and if they hold onto Felix Pie, who has drawn a lot of outside interest.

“That’s the business side of the game,” Scott said yesterday during a phone interview that lasted about 20 minutes. “People have to understand. It’s the truth.

“I put up decent numbers at a good price right now, so trade-wise I’m very good. But at the same time, I can help the team where I’m at. The Orioles are still paying a good price and there are options. I can DH for them. I can play left field for them. I can play first base for them.”

The first base experiment didn’t last long. The Orioles probably wouldn’t use him there unless it’s an emergency, figuring they have other, more experienced options.

“I did good enough there last year,” Scott said. “I hadn’t played there since college. Give me a spring training there and I can pick it up, no problem.

“(Albert) Pujols wasn’t a very good defender at first. Ask anyone. Ask (Cesar) Izturis. He’ll tell you. He had brick hands. But he worked and he worked and he worked and he worked.”

Coming up tomorrow: Scott talks about the Kevin Millwood trade and what the Orioles still need to do.

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