FanFest - Part II

President of baseball operations dropped a heavier hint that the club will sign a third baseman next week.

“We made significant progress recently,” he said.

MacPhail said “nothing is finalized,” but he’s confident a deal will get done within the next few days. Asked if it’s a third baseman, he paused before replying that it’s “fair speculation.”

Garrett Atkins has been swinging a bat for the past month. He’s eager to start working with hitting coach Terry Crowley.

“He’s well-respected,” Atkins said. “I’m looking forward to seeing what he’s got.”

Kevin Millwood admitted that “it took a little bit” for him to get comfortable with being traded over the winter meetings because he wasn’t expecting it.

“But the more I got to thinking about it, the more I got used to it and I’m excited,” he said in his typical low-key manner.

Be sure to keep checking Steve Melewski’s blog on He’s interviewing players and officials, and he’ll be covering for me while I’m at the MASN booth from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Lou Montanez will be available to the media during that hour. I want to know if he played first base in Puerto Rico. I thought he did, but I was told earlier this week by someone close to him that it wasn’t true. Montanez had returned home by the time I started checking the boxscores.

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