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While wondering how Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson failed to receive a single MVP vote...

The Orioles aren’t going to sign a full-time designated hitter as long as Luke Scott remains on the roster. And while he’s a trade chip who has generated interest among a few teams - including the Mariners before they acquired Casey Kotchman - the Orioles aren’t actively shopping him.

They want to add another corner infielder, but they don’t have much interest in Mike Lowell. He’s been a popular topic around here lately - certainly worthy of inclusion in the next “Because You Asked.”

The Orioles were never in the running for third baseman Adrian Beltre. Agent Scott Boras let them know right away that Beltre wasn’t interested, so negotiations ended before they started.

At least they weren’t being used to increase the market.

They were never actively involved in the Matt Holliday negotiations. They learned early that his demands exceeded what they wanted to spend, and that was the end of it - despite reports to the contrary.

The Orioles had a figure in mind for Holliday, which they passed along, “and he far surpassed it,” president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail said. They weren’t in contact with Boras as the Cardinals neared a deal.

And that, my friends, is the last time I’ll be referencing Matt Holliday for a while. His 15 entries are up.

So are the Orioles close to signing another player?

“We’ve had ongoing discussions,” MacPhail said yesterday. “They’ve started to pick up. Whether they lead to something, I don’t know. These guys are all trying to gauge interest in different places. I would imagine things will pick up industry-wide over the next couple of weeks.

“We’ve got internal options. Obviously, we’re looking and those options aren’t necessarily our first choice, but they’re available to you. I think we could start the season today and we would be meaningfully better than we were last year, but we’re not done. And part of that is just the young guys being there the whole year, and part of it is the guys we added.”

I also wanted to pass along a reader comment from yesterday that might have gone unnoticed, since it’s posted with an entry that I filed Thursday morning. You just never know who’s reading this blog.


This Brian Mejia I run the Dominican Prospect League along with 3 other representatives. This whole DPL and O’s presences was blown out of proportion. I was asked a question by ESPN reporter and gave a simple answer. It’s not like the O’s don’t scout, evaluate and sign players in DR. The question was asked, “how many teams are consistently evaluating players at the DPL games”. I gave him a simple answer.
The O’s have many other things to worry about than being at all 25 DPL games. They do what they do and sign who they like... Budget, sign ability, need and roster spots all come into play when making signing decision in DR. The DR is small but players are everywhere, I’m sure they are doing their due diligence, I’m also sure everyone in BAL FO wants to win asap, any opportunity they have to sign the right guy they will do it.
thanks for the blog


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