Wrapping up FanFest

It’s done.

I’m talking about FanFest and the Miguel Tejada rumors.

More than 12,000 people attended today’s event. I personally counted each one. It would have been nice if you stood still and made it easier on me.

I want to thank everyone who waited in line at the MASN booth to have a photo taken with me. You obviously had some time to kill. And it was terrific meeting so many of my readers and putting a face with the name.

We really need to arrange a School of Roch night because I think you’ll find that you have a lot in common with each other.

One of the day’s highlights for me: The 26-year-old girl who said I’m the older man she “lusts after.”

In your face, George Clooney!

I apologize again for rushing through the comments and not being able to address your questions, and for taking so long to post the final batch. I know the blog grinds to a halt when that happens, but I couldn’t find anyone who was freed up to lend a hand.

Catcher Matt Wieters looks like he’s in great shape. Jim Johnson also looks like he’s a little trimmer. And Nick Markakis looks like he needs a shave - with a really big razor.

The guy’s beard is so thick, I thought I saw a baby bird poke its head out.

Justin Turner is eager to get started. He’s prepared to take ground balls all over the infield. As long as he finds his name in the lineup, he doesn’t care where he plays.

Nolan Reimold has been jogging, jumping and performing agility drills as he continues to recover from Achilles surgery.

“It’s a little sore still, but I’m where I’m expected to be right now,” he said. “With a couple more weeks, I’m pretty certain that I’ll be good to go. It’s still a little tender, but other than that, it’s feeling pretty good.

“I’m looking forward to a year of playing without pain, being comfortable out there running the bases and playing the field. Hopefully, it will make me a better player with a healthy Achilles.

“I’m still trying to strengthen my leg, and the calf is still not full strength where I want it to be, but it’s getting there. It definitely feels better. Where it hurt last year, it doesn’t hurt at all. When the bone was shaved down, they say that takes a little longer to heal up.”

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