My turn to vent

Looks like I’m back to babysitting a few fans who think it’s cute or entertaining to post the same criticisms and complaints multiple times a day, hoping that I’ll react and then becoming upset and confrontational when I do.

You figure it out. I’ve given up.

Make your same, tired point and find another topic. Repetition won’t be tolerated around here when the sole purpose is to hijack this blog and ruin it for everyone else. Sorry if that seems unfair or heavy-handed.

I shouldn’t wake up early in the morning and already have two or three posts waiting for me that insult the same team official or whine about the same issues - especially when they’re filled with false information and other assorted untruths and baseless assumptions.

I know this is “School of Roch,” but I’ve grown tired of correcting all the mistakes. I keep looking for the “red marker” key on my laptop so I can circle them and send it back.

A few people clearly have gone over the edge when they spew venom because the Orioles signed Will Startup to a minor league contract.

It’s Budget Baseball! Or it’s left-handed bullpen depth for the farm system. Choose your poison.

Criticism is fine. As I’ve said repeatedly, it’s expected when we’re dealing with an organization that hasn’t fielded a winner since 1997. But if you can’t bring more to the table than silly insults that we’ve read hundreds of times, you’re not allowed to sit with the grownups. I’ll set up a card table and you can join the kids in the other room.

Also, if you insist on using “LOL,” at least write something humorous so we can all share a laugh. Just once, please.

And now for the rest of the news...

Carlos Delgado reportedly is considering retirement as he fails to convince teams that he can play first base on a regular basis. The Orioles scouted him in Puerto Rico and decided they’d rather sign a third baseman and keep Garrett Atkins at first.

Russell Branyan and Hank Blalock also remain out of work. Readers kept asking me why the Orioles wouldn’t sign one of them. Well, nobody else is doing it, either.

During yesterday’s interview with Mike Devereaux, we reminisced about the days when Camden Yards was packed every night and the place was electric. We also agreed that it can happen again if the Orioles start winning.

“In ‘94, I was having a down season and fans were booing me,” he said. “I know one thing, I wasn’t upset at them for booing me, and I knew that I had control in bringing them back on my side. I’d just have to start hitting the ball again, hitting home runs, and they’d be right back. That’s the way fans are.

“You bring a quality team that works hard and gets the fans involved, and you start winning, and they’ll be right back here.”

The “Babe’s Birthday Bash” at Sports Legends Museum has been postponed again because of the snow. They’re aiming for Feb. 19. Anyone who is unable to attend should call 410-727-1539.

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