What everyone else is saying about Bergy

Brad Bergesen is scheduled to throw in the bullpen again on Monday and Wednesday before facing hitters in batting practice. He’ll throw on flat ground every day, working in his breaking stuff starting tomorrow.

Manager Dave Trembley chatted with reporters until catcher Matt Wieters went into his crouch and Bergesen was ready. He moved to the far side of the cage and never took his eyes off the young right-hander.

It’s apparent that Trembley liked what he saw.

“It sure made a gray day sunny for me,” he said. “He had good movement, his pitches were down and I know he was excited. A lot of credit to him and (athletic trainers) Richie Bancells and Brian Ebel.

“I think we all just wanted to get through this phase. I was confident that he was going to be OK, but I knew the questions weren’t going to be answered fully until he got up on the mound. I was confident that he was going to be OK because I was reassured by the medical staff, the trainers.

“I talked to Bergy a few times. He was really worried, I think. He was worried not only about his shoulder, but the way the whole thing came out. He was worried that it happened this way. I think he learned a real valuable lesson. But he’s fine. We can all be thankful that he’s fine.”

Pitching coach Rick Kranitz and Wieters also were impressed.

“It was like he didn’t miss a beat,” Kranitz said. “He was as good as I had hoped he’d be. Everything was good - delivery, arm speed, pitches, sink. Everything was right there.”

Said Wieters: “I thought it was great for his first time out there. He had his sink already and that’s his pitch that he can go to to get a lot of ground balls. And he had location on his fastball, which was good to see, especially for his first time out there. As long as he feels good afterward, he’ll be ready to go.”

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