A few nuggets

Go with the honey mustard dipping sauce today.

David Hernandez will start Saturday against the Red Sox in Sarasota, the last of three straight home games for the Orioles.

Kevin Millwood will pitch in a minor league game on Saturday, as he suggested after his last start. No sense letting the Red Sox get a read on him, though I assume the book is out on this guy.

No updates on Brian Roberts so far. He’s expected to take batting practice again today and make his first start later this week.

Manager Dave Trembley needed permission from Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa to use a designated hitter today, since the game is being played in National League territory.

Trembley said he wasn’t going to let Brian Matusz swing the bat. Just stand there and hope the pitcher misses the strike zone four times. And you don’t get drilled with a fastball.

Jim Johnson, Will Ohman and Mike Gonzalez also will pitch today.

The Orioles aren’t expected to confirm the “Stockstill Switch,” as I now like to call it, until Friday at the earliest.

I’m hearing through the grapevine, whatever that means, that David Stockstill’s move to the international side includes a contract extension and a pay raise.

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