Bell’s big day

Here are some quotes from Josh Bell:

“Sometimes you have one of those days. I feel good. I was just trying to hit the ball hard. It’s a good day. I feel good, especially coming over after being with the Dodgers for five years and coming to an organization and being able to perform in front of everybody.”

The home run from the right side especially got noticed because of Bell’s poor splits.

“Any time that I’ve gotten negative press about it, I just take it as a motivator and to work harder,” he said. “Last year I never really got comfortable right-handed and it just made me work that much harder this off-season. I know I can do it, I want to continue to do it and I’m going to continue to prove that I can.”

Bell was excited to see his name in the lineup for the opener.

“When I walked in and saw my name, I got amped up a little bit,” he said. “Just being over here is a good feeling. I think I’ve been smiling every since I’ve been here.”

Bell hit fastballs in both at-bats.

Today’s attendance: 5,328

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