Can’t catch a break

The wireless isn’t working in the ballpark today. My Verizon wireless card isn’t programmed for my new laptop that was shipped here a few days ago. And I can no longer file blog entries on my BlackBerry, for whatever reason.

Welcome to the first exhibition game.

We’re told that Comcast is working on the wireless issue. Why doesn’t that make me feel any better?

If it’s the same people who handle my cable at home, it’ll go out every 15 minutes.

I’m continuing to e-mail entries to the MASN WebStudio. Not the most ideal arrangement, but its all I’ve got at the moment.

The starters are scheduled to go two innings or throw 35 pitches, whichever comes first.

David Hernandez also will pitch today, along with starter Jeremy Guthrie and relievers Matt Albers and Will Ohman.

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