Cleaning out my notebook

During manager Dave Trembley’s post-workout session with reporters, I asked if he was looking forward to the first exhibition game. The answer won’t shock you.

“Everybody’s anxious to get spring training games underway,” Trembley said. “We’ve had some good practices. It will be great to get it going. It’s just another part of the spring and another phase - the games, the trips. Get an opportunity to bear down on some pitching and give everybody an opportunity.”

I decided to take it a step further. Are there specific players he’s looking forward to watching tomorrow?

Trembley wouldn’t bite.

“All of them,” he said, smiling. “I’m not going to single anybody out or I’ll be showing my cards, so I’m just going to say that I’m anxious to see everybody in game action and go from there.”

Can’t blame me for trying.

Ty Wigginton is grateful for the chance to play a “real” game.

“A game against another team will be great,” he said. “I think everybody’s excited. That’s when you really start to figure out what adjustments you need to make for the season. We all hit in the cage all winter long. But until you get out there and face real pitching, that’s when you start making your adjustments.”

I asked Wigginton about the chemistry and the overall mood in the clubhouse, since so many fans have been curious.

“I’ve been with several teams throughout my career, and there’s something about spring training that is absolutely amazing. And the same thing is going on here,” he said. “It’s a new year and it’s up to us to prepare ourselves and get ready for the grind of the season. I think everybody is extremely positive. I’d say it’s more positive around here than it was last year. We’ll have to see as spring rolls along.

“You look at last year. We had so many young guys and those guys came up and had success. Hopefully, they continue to have that success so that positive fever runs through. It’s still a very young team and I think that has a lot to do with it, the youthful enthusiasm.”

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