Clearing up some confusion

When I posted the pitchers for tomorrow, I specified that they were appearing in the minor league game. That’s why you didn’t see Kevin Millwood’s name.

Millwood is starting against the Phillies in Clearwater, followed by Will Ohman, Jim Johnson and Mike Gonzalez. He isn’t being skipped. There’s nothing wrong with him.

The Phillies will counter with former Oriole Jamie Moyer and Antonio Bastardo.

I really want a Bastardo jersey for my birthday. Extra medium.

Speaking of confusion, manager Dave Trembley wondered why reporters kept asking him about Gonzalez, who has been on the travel roster all along. He pointed out how I ambushed him before his first cup of coffee this morning.

Gonzalez told a few reporters that he might stay back and pitch in another minor league game in Sarasota, as he did on Friday, so he could receive treatment here before and after he throws. However, that’s news to Trembley, which is exactly what I figured. Gonzalez has been listed as one of the Clearwater pitchers for days.

Still, it doesn’t hurt to double-check, just in case Gonzalez pleads his case and gets what he wants. I’ll just make sure to wait until Trembley takes a few sips of his coffee.

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