Cover me

Matt Wieters walked to his locker this afternoon without a photographer tailing him.

It’s been a slow day.

Wieters referred to his Sports Illustrated cover shot as “a great honor.” He’s also prepared to grab some extra copies for family members.

“Whatever they want, I’ll get for them,” he said, adding that he’d like a framed copy.

Wieters doesn’t fear the SI cover jinx.

“It’s how hard you work and what you put into it,” he said. “Baseball is a tough game already without worrying about any jinxes.”

Asked for his opinion of the photo, he said, “It’s a pretty good one. It’s tough making me look good, so the photographer was pretty good.”

Walter Iooss Jr. is one of the best magazine photographers in the world. Wieters was in good hands.

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