Guthrie on Guthrie (updated)

Miguel Abreu singled in the sixth inning, stole second and scored on Pedro Florimon’s double.

Orioles 4, Red Sox 1.

Nice day for Abreu.

I’ll pass along some comments from Jeremy Guthrie:

“I threw a lot of good pitches, I felt like that second inning, the umpire (John Hirschbeck) was back and forth. It was a strike one time, it was a ball another time. Matt (Wieters) said two or three of those pitches called balls were strikes, including that first walk to that lefty (Tug Hulett). But I couldn’t be more pleased.

“I felt like I kept the ball down. I felt like it had good movement. Two of the biggest things I’m needing to be more consistent with. I did walk guys and fell behind guys, but overall I’m very very pleased with the way the fastball was coming out of my hand. Those are all big pluses for me.

“I’m trying to get to the point where I’m confident throwing any pitch in any count. And that’s the intention of throwing the curveball. I threw it 1-0, I fell behind, 2-0, threw it 0-1, counts I didn’t throw the curveball in very often last year. I want to build a confidence to be able to do that comfortably come the regular season.”

On coming out for the third inning: “I think the pitch count was expired already, but he said go out there, one or two hitters, so it was good. Threw a nice pitch to Victor (Martinez) 3-1, good two-seamer. Thought it was down in the zone, got a soft contact. It was good to get out there and get another out like that.”

On the benefits of making multiple starts this spring: “This will provide the ability to build on the pitches, having more of a plan, knowing that I’ll throw again in five days. Today, going in again with the focus of throwing fastball, changeup and curveball, I can plan things like that knowing that in two starts from now I can start working in my fourth pitch, the slider. It will definitely benefit me having a consistent routine going throughout the spring.”

Update: Jason Berken just tossed a perfect seventh inning, breaking at least one bat in the process. My eyes were fixed on my laptop screen, but I heard it.

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