If you’re wondering about Wieters... (updated)

Matt Wieters’ work schedule is about to gain a few more pounds. It’s getting heavier.

Wieters caught Kevin Millwood today, as I mentioned earlier. He’ll catch tomorrow, serve as the designated hitter on Thursday and catch back-to-back games over the weekend, as I mentioned earlier.

So why am I writing about him again?

Because he’s 1-for-13 this spring, which prompted me to ask manager Dave Trembley about Wieters’ slow start at the plate.

“I’ve seen good at-bats,” Trembley said. “He needs to start getting at-bats in consecutive games in order to get in a rhythm, in order to get in a routine. I’m not worried about him at all.”

Meanwhile, Kevin Millwood said he felt good after throwing 88 pitches in five innings in the intrasquad game.

“You know, it felt like everything got a little bit better again today, so it’s all a positive,” Millwood told reporters.

“There were a couple times when I was trying to throw the first pitch for a strike and missed with it, but I thought it worked pretty well for me today. And then the last inning I tried to work on my changeup a little bit more. I had thrown a couple changeups earlier in the game. I just wanted to get a little more work on it. Didn’t really work as well that inning.”

It’s easier for Millwood to refine his pitches in an intrasquad game, especially a changeup that’s always been his weakest, than a regular exhibition game.

“You feel like you’re leaving your teammates out there when you’re trying to work on things, and you almost feel a little selfish,” he said.

Robert Andino singled to lead off the first inning in Fort Myers, but he broke too soon for second base and got caught in a rundown. Justin Turner followed with a single, but Twins starter Scott Baker retired the next two batters.

Update: David Hernandez gave up a two-out, broken-bat single to Joe Mauer in a scoreless first inning. He threw eight of his 11 pitches for strikes.

Orlando Hudson struck out looking for the second out. Michael Cuddyer hit a long fly ball to center that looked like an RBI double until Jeff Salazar, on the dead run, reached over his head and made a sensational catch.

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