Injury updates (updated)

Matt Wieters hit a monstrous home run to center field in the sixth inning after the Blue Jays’ Aaron Hill unleashed a two-run shot off Alberto Castillo in the bottom of the fifth. I guess it’s a good thing I listed his spring stats before the game. Toronto 11, Orioles 3.

Koji Uehara exited the game with a strained left hamstring. Craig Tatum has a bruised left hand.

That’s one banged-up battery.

Tatum and Uehara were hurt in a span of eight pitches. We’ll check on them after the game.

Uehara is accustomed to dealing with leg issues. It’s just unfortunate that he’s sidelined again after pitching so well this spring.

He’s been charged with only one run in 5 1/3 innings, and it scored after he left today’s game. John McDonald doubled before Uehara suffered his injury, and he crossed the plate on Hill’s homer.

Jeremy Guthrie said the results spoke for themselves today, but he still took questions from reporters near the Orioles’ bullpen.

“My pitches weren’t crisp and my location wasn’t too good,” he said. “I felt fine going out there today.”

Guthrie dismissed the suggestion that one pitch wasn’t working for him today.

“I’ve shown the ability to struggle with all four at this point,” he said.

Kyle Kendrick starts tomorrow for the Phillies. Former Oriole Danys Baez also is scheduled to pitch.

Brian Matusz starts for the Orioles.

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