Joseph’s last day

Catcher Caleb Joseph is walking around the clubhouse collecting signatures on his “2010 spring training ball,” as he calls it.

This is Joseph’s last day in the major league camp. He’ll move to the other side of the building and join the Triple-A and Double-A players.

“It’s almost indescribable because you gain so much experience,” he said. “It’s hard to put into words exactly what you learn. You know things, but it’s reiterated different ways. And to be able to hang around older guys and experience what they have, you take anything you can from them. It’s been a lot of fun. I’ve had the best time of my life. And it’s motivation to work hard and get back next year.”

The Orioles extended an invite to Joseph after he batted .284 with 12 homers and 60 RBIs in 104 games at Single-A Frederick.

“It’s a sad day because this is your dream and you’re living your dream now, and now you have to go back to reality, but it’s good because it’ll give you a real push to make it,” Joseph said. “I’ve gained a lot of valuable lessons, just talking to guys like (Chad) Moeller and (Kevin) Millwood and all the coaches, just trying to gather up as much info as you could. But it’s time for me to get some innings in and get my season ready. I understand. I wasn’t surprised. I’ve been around the game enough.

“I had a lot of fun. I had a great time. Everybody in this clubhouse welcomed me and was great to me. I had a very, very good first experience in big league camp. No complaints.”

The latest round of cuts will be announced later today.

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