Leftover Trembley

On how he’s privately and publicly criticized Matt Albers’ conditioning: “I would just say I’ve been critical (laughing). Whether it’s public or private, I’ve been critical. Let’s not sugarcoat it.”

More on Albers: “What I’m more concerned about with Albers, and it’s just like everybody else, pound the strike zone with the fastball, rediscover your sinker and get people out. That’s what he needs to do. What I think he’s doing is he’s going to the curveball instead of a slider, or going to a slider instead of a curve. It’s got to be one or the other because he was kind of in between with a slurve. I think he’s been working on one breaking pitch, which should help him.”

On being able to play more night games: “It breaks up the schedule. It was nice to get up at 7 this morning instead of 5. I get up at 5 every day. Doesn’t everyone? Having French toast and eggs benedict by 5:30? Isn’t that the way it is on this coast? Fresh-squeezed orange juice and a croissant? It’s nice to break up the routine. It gives the guys another schedule. They came in more like during the season. You get the rest on the front end and pay for it tomorrow on the backend. Got to get up early and be on the bus at 8:30. It’s part of the game. It gets everybody acclimated to what the real season is all about. Get to bed real early.”

The Orioles are back in their home whites under the lights. Robert Andino is playing catch with Miguel Tejada in front of the dugout. Adam Jones is playing catch with Nick Markakis. Anyone who’s not starting is wearing a black and orange Orioles jacket. The temperature is dropping.

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