Make that two for Cabrera (updated)

Miguel Cabrera has just destroyed another pitch from Brad Bergesen, this time homering over the batters eye in center field.

We’re assuming that the ball landed on the other side, but it still might be in the air.

Detroit 6, Orioles 4.

Cabrera stood at home plate and admired his work in the first inning, but center fielder Adam Jones struck the pose on the second home run.

Jones just turned around and watched the flight of the ball. He remained in the same position, with his back to the infield, for several seconds. It was comical at first, but it became a little uncomfortable.

Update: The hits just keep coming. Miguel Tejada doubled for the second time today to score Felix Pie and make him 3-for-3 on the afternoon. Detroit 6, Orioles 5.

Pie led off with a double, though left fielder Johnny Damon let the ball drop and couldn’t keep it in front of him.

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