Matusz on Matusz

Brian Matusz felt like he went eight innings today, though it was closer to nine. The official count says seven.

That’s what happens when you keep tacking on more outs.

The Orioles wanted to raise his innings and pitches, and give him the feel for staying on the mound while a little fatigued.

“It was good. I was getting ahead of guys, throwing strikes,” he said.

The Orioles also wanted Matusz to work on his slide step, which is one reason they put runners on base. Somebody had to do it.

“I was able to really work on it, which was good,” he said. “My last game against the Cardinals, I struggled holding runners. Today I was able to work on it, so I was pretty happy about that.”

Matusz and catcher Craig Tatum also accomplished their shared goal of having the left-hander double up on his changeup, work on his curveball and get his slider down in the dirt.

The one hit he allowed was on a fastball that was supposed to be down and away. The location was poor, and Billy Rowell homered to center field.

“I was able to come back the next batter and hit some fastballs away, so it was very good, a very positive day,” he said. “I’m very happy about it.”

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