Millwood on Millwood

So much for working on things.

Kevin Millwood treated today’s start like a regular-season game as he held the Phillies to one run over five innings. That included throwing his changeup in more normal counts and circumstances

“I didn’t use it a lot,” he said. “Today, I used it more in situations when I’d probably use it in a game and I tried to pitch this game like it was a regular-season ballgame. Just try to get people out. Today was the first time I just kind of said, ‘screw it’ and try to pitch like it matters.

“There’s a possibility this might be my last big league game this spring, so I just tried to pitch like a regular-season game. I probably won’t pitch against Boston or Tampa in the next two. I might throw a minor league game instead of those games. I’m going to face both those guys pretty quick, pretty early in the season, and I’d rather not see them in the spring.

“I think we’ve both seen enough of each other. If they’ve forgotten anything, I’d rather not remind them.”

Millwood still felt fresh after 94 pitches.

“Even when they told me I was done, I felt like I could have gone out and kept pitching, so that’s a good sign,” he said.

“Like every other time, it feels like everything’s getting a little bit better. It’s starting to come together. It feels like I’m right on track where I want to be.”

Meanwhile, Felix Pie homered to right field off minor league call-up Brian Gordon in the top of the ninth inning after replacing Nolan Reimold as the designated hitter and drawing a walk in his first at-bat. Orioles 5, Phillies 1.

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