More nuggets from this morning

My favorite line of the day:

After the success of the Michael Oher movie, Hollywood is making a film about Adam Terry’s life called “The Hurt Blocker.”

Brian Matusz conferred with pitching coach Rick Kranitz this morning, as all the starters do, while formulating a plan for today’s start against the Minnesota Twins.

They’ll decide whether he works on a certain pitch, as Kevin Millwood did Saturday with the changeup, or uses his entire repertoire. Manager Dave Trembley leaves it to them.

“Kranny will talk to Matusz and say, ‘Hey, this is what we’re concentrating on today. Mix in a few more breaking pitches.’ Or, ‘Stay away from it. Let’s just try to establish our fastball,’” Trembley said.

“It’s like with (Kam) Mickolio. We just wanted fastball command and we wanted him to pitch inside, and he struck out the last guy he faced with a fastball in.”

The Orioles put more trust in Matusz’s judgment than other pitchers his age because he’s so advanced.

“Matusz is a four-pitch guy. He’s got a feel for four pitches, whether he’s pitched six months in the big leagues or six years. That’s who he is. You’ve got to go with that. That’s how he pitches. You’ve got to let him do that,” Trembley said.

“He’s special. That’s a great compliment. I haven’t mentioned too many people like that in a while. There used to be a lot of them around here. I think Matusz is following into that category. He’s special. No doubt.”

Luke Scott’s appearances at first base have drawn some media interest here, but he’s a left fielder/designated hitter/first baseman.

“I think it’s in that order,” Trembley said.

I think DH comes before left field, given the roster composition, but first base is definitely last on the list.

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