Post-game Trembley

Plate umpire Paul Emmel warned both benches after Matt Albers drilled the leadoff hitter, Desmond Jennings, in the top of the ninth.

Rays pitcher Luis De Los Santos hit Orioles minor league center fielder Matt Angle leading off the bottom of the eighth, which prompted Emmel to issue the warning after Albers gave the appearance that he was retaliating.

Here’s manager Dave Trembley on today’s 12-2 victory:

“It was a good atmosphere to play. We had some nice hits by a lot of the new guys, some good plays in the field. For the most part we pitched down and threw strikes.”

Trembley said before the game that he was eager to see Josh Bell.

“We saw him,” Trembley said, grinning. “What a nice day. I guess you won’t ask me why Pie wasn’t in the lineup. Josh Bell had a heck of a day.

“It’s nice to see him do it in a game. We’ve seen him do it in batting practice. It’s nice to have him in black and orange instead of blue and white.”

Trembley knows that he’ll keep fielding questions about Bell making the team if this continues.

“I hope he makes it tough. Good for him,” Trembley said. “That’s what they’re all here for. They should all be trying to make the Opening Day roster.”

I asked Trembley about Miguel Tejada at third base.

“He got tested right off the bat, didn’t he? He did well. Positioning was good, looked comfortable.”

Trembley noted how successful the Orioles were from the left side of the plate against southpaws.

“What I liked today was the left against left matchups. A lot of left-handed hitters against left-handed pitching - Nicky, Hughes, Moore. Nicky looks like he was in mid-season form.”

Trembley also talked about Jeremy Guthrie.

“He threw a couple good changeups back to back. He kept the ball down. His delivery was clean. A nice start for Jeremy.”

And a nice start for the Orioles.

“It’s a very nice way to start,” Trembley said. “Guys have worked real hard for a solid 10 days. Today is a good day for the team because you could spread it around. Obviously, the guys who had some great individual performances deserve a lot of accolades, but the team deserves credit. It’s a good day for the team, it’s a good day for the Orioles. It’s awfully nice for Sarasota. And I won’t kid anybody, it’s a nice way to get it started. You think about it all winter and you can’t wait to get it started.”

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