Post-game Trembley

Opening statement: “We pitched good enough to win. I’m glad we got Matusz stretched out. We got those other guys in.”

On Brian Matusz: “He wasn’t as crisp, he wasn’t as sharp, but he knows how to pitch. He knows how to pitch without his best stuff. That was obvious today. And he was good. He was good.”

On Will Ohman: “It seems like every situation I’ve brought him in has been to match up and he’s gotten the job done. That’s what you want. You want a guy who doesn’t take long to get loose in the bullpen, is ready, knows his role, and he’s been fine.”

More on Matusz: “I don’t think he’s ever going to get rattled. I think he knows how to compete and he finds a way to get outs, he finds a way to make adjustments. He knows how to do it, he knows how to pitch.”

On whether an outing like today’s is good for Matusz’s development: “There were a few things that I think he got a lesson with today that he needs to improve on. And I know the kind of guy that he is, it’ll only make him better because the guy has a positive trait about him, a quality about him that you’d want everybody to have. The guy isn’t satisfied. The guy knows what he wants to do and will work to get it done. I know he’ll work to get it done.”

On how Nolan Reimold looks at the plate: “He’s still not swinging the bat the way he’s capable. He’s better, but some of those pitches, with a few more at-bats he’ll square them up a whole lot better. He’s better, but he’s not 100 percent yet. He hasn’t had enough at-bats. He’s swinging it better, he’s moving better. I’m glad he got a chance to run the bases today. But he’s not 100 percent. I don’t mean physically. His timing’s not there yet.”

On Brandon Snyder at first base: “He played very well at first. Brandon has really improved a lot. He’s going to be a good player. He’s going to be a good player for the Orioles.”

On Mike Gonzalez: “I wish Gonzalez didn’t have to throw so many pitches, but he’s good because after we didn’t turn the double play there, he stayed away from his fastball and he worked on his changeup and his breaking pitch, so that’s positive. That’s a real positive. If there was a health issue, it was when he was saying that he had some stiffness or lower-back discomfort. There’s never been anything wrong with his arm. The guy drove over here 3 1/2 hours and pitched. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with his back. He’s getting ready to pitch for this season.”

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