Pre-game notes and Twins lineup

The Orioles will try to get 50 pitches out of Brian Matusz today, and he’s expected to expand his selection after staying away from the curveball in his debut.

Nolan Reimold will start in left field tomorrow.

Justin Turner is expected to play tomorrow.

Kevin Millwood turned in a quality side session today, according to manager Dave Trembley.

Luke Scott will get another start at first base this week, perhaps on Wednesday. He’ll take tomorrow off.

For the Twins:

Revere CF
Punto 3B
Cuddyer RF
Kubel DH
Harris SS
Jones LF
Hughes 2B
Parmalee 1B
Butera C

Slowery RHP

That’s Jacque Jones, who’s back in the organization. And Sal Butera’s kid.

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