Rainy days and Fridays

It’s been pouring for most of the night and morning, and it’s difficult to imagine this game being played later today.

I’m not saying it won’t happen. Nothing is official. But the forecast is bleak and the field already is drenched.

I’ll venture inside the clubhouse in about 15 minutes to grab the lineup and check on second baseman Brian Roberts. And I’ll let you know if they bang this one - as they say in the sportswriting business.

Jeremy Guthrie is scheduled to start today, followed by Mike Gonzalez, Will Ohman and Dennis Sarfate. The Marlins will counter with Andrew Miller, Sean West, Seth McClung, Jose Veras and Jay Buente.

At least, that’s the way it’s supposed to play out - weather permitting. And right now, the weather isn’t going to let us do much around here.

I should note that Robert Andino had a home run and triple last night. I didn’t want his achievements to get washed away in the downpour.

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