Reimold on Reimold

Nolan Reimold said he was seeing the ball well today.

“Now I just have to hit it.”

Reimold isn’t running at full speed, which was evident on his double-play grounder.

“Normally, I would probably have beat that out, but I’m going to try to not hurt myself any more,” he said. “If it was a regular-season game, I would probably have been full-go. I ran hard, but I didn’t want to hurt anything. I wasn’t going 100 percent. I’m still working my way up to 100 percent.”

A work in progress?

“Exactly,” he replied. “I’m sure by the end of spring training, I’ll be full-go.”

Reimold remains confident that he’ll be ready for Opening Day and under no restrictions.

“I’m not where I want to be now, obviously,” he said. “I’d love to be 100 percent and have no soreness or anything, but you have to play this game with pain sometimes.”

It’s painful to watch this game and get updates on the Maryland-Virginia game. Looks like the Terps will hold on and not waste that outstanding effort against Duke earlier in the week.

Frank Mata pitched a scoreless seventh.

It just...doesn’t...Mata.

Well, it’s good for him.

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