So, do you like...stuff?

Players love taking batting practice against Mike Bordick.

Brian Roberts had some healthy cuts against him, and Nick Markakis and Miguel Tejada took turns launching balls over the fence. It was an impressive power display.

I updated Michael Aubrey’s situation in my last entry. Here’s more from manager Dave Trembley:

“Obviously, you know that was not a baseball-related issue. It was a medical issue, something he had gotten done. They have to be careful. He has a wound on his back.


“I think it’s a lot better than they first anticipated, as far as the timeline. They originally told me it was going to be seven to 10 days before he did any baseball activities, and he’s doing baseball activities after three.”

I also mentioned in my last entry that the regulars are scheduled to go five innings tomorrow. That doesn’t include the catcher - expected to be Matt Wieters - who will come out earlier.

Wieters is getting a lot of attention down here from Sports Illustrated. Interviews, photographs.

Jeremy Guthrie isn’t reading much into his assignment tomorrow. It doesn’t mean he’s unseated Kevin Millwood as the Opening Day starter.

“It just means they’re trying to place me in the rotation,” he said.

“In terms of beginning a new season and having our first season here in Sarasota, I guess you could say it’s a nice opportunity to be the first Orioles pitcher here to take the mound, and hopefully I can get us off to a nice start in our new home and help us to win our first game here. Outside of that, I don’t think it has any significance other than that’s where the rotation fell for me to start to get me ready for the regular season.

“I feel great. I feel really, really excited about the way my side sessions have gone. I feel very strong physically, and the most important thing is I’ve felt very good about the quality of pitches I’ve thrown in each and every bullpen session so far.”

Former Orioles pitcher Jamie Moyer deserves special recognition for what I’m about to pass along to you:

The Moyer Foundation today announced its plans to continue the national Camp Erin expansion of bereavement camps for children and teens who have lost someone close to them, by adding Baltimore to its list of new cities in 2010. The Foundation is partnering with Roberta’s House in Baltimore on July 23-25 to bring the Camp Erin program to the local community.

In 2002, the Foundation created Camp Erin, now the largest bereavement camp in the country with 36 camps in 23 states. With the addition of Baltimore and the other new cities, Camp Erin is expected to serve nearly 2,500 children in 2010. Since its inception, the camp has benefited more than 4,000 in cities across the nation. The Moyer Foundation has a goal of establishing as many as 60 camps around the country, including one Camp Erin in every Major League Baseball city. This expansion is made possible through The Moyer Foundation’s Campaign for Kids, a nationwide fundraising campaign launched in 2007.

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