Tillman on Tillman (updated)

Chris Tillman threw mostly fastballs while retiring all six batters he faced with three strikeouts. He mixed in one cutter, to Jose Tabata, that missed down and in.

That’s the right spot if you’re going to miss.

He threw everything tonight and got the desired results.

“I think it went real well,” Tillman said. “I just wanted to locate my fastball tonight and they made me do that a little bit. It felt good. First and foremost, I felt good. I think I threw about four or five off-speed pitches, but I was satisfied with the location of my fastball.”

Tillman missed high with the fastball a few times.

“I was pulling off a little bit, but I made the adjustment early on,” he said. “I was doing it a little bit in the bullpen, so I knew the adjustment I had to make.”

The back is fine, but Tillman still took some precautions because of the cold weather. He ran sprints early and did some extra stretching.

Tillman expects to go three innings in his next outing.

Update: Jim Johnson allowed an infield hit during a scoreless fourth inning. Luke Scott singled with two outs in the bottom of the fourth and Garrett Atkins doubled off the left field fence - barely missing a home run - but both runners were stranded.

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