Trembley tackles topics

Koji Uehara picked up the save in a 4-3 victory over the Phillies, getting a 9-3 double play to end it. Miguel Abreu, who keeps moving around, made the catch and throw in right field.

Manager Dave Trembley said he planned to remove Nolan Reimold after two at-bats. It didn’t happen because Reimold’s Achilles forced him from the game.

“Reimold ran much better yesterday. I got a very good report on Reimold ,” Trembley said. “He got some new orthotics yesterday, so he’s a lot more comfortable.

“He was to get two at-bats and play five innings in the field (today). For what he did, I’m real happy today, the way Reimold moved.

“When I talked to Dr. (John) Wilckens today, it’s probably not going to look real good. It’s not something that’s painful for him. When he has to run, he can run. We’ll still be careful with him. We’ve got three weeks. We’ll move him along and get him ready. For the type of surgery he had, he’s doing real well.”

Trembley also talked about Brian Roberts’ trip to Baltimore, where the second baseman will be examined by a back specialist at Johns Hopkins.

“It’s on my mind,” Trembley said.

“I talked to Brian yesterday and he told me he’d be ready to play April 6. He’s going back to Baltimore to see what we can do to make that possible. We need Brian Roberts on the team.”

Trembley doesn’t expect closer Mike Gonzalez to miss any time after coming out of yesterday’s B-squad game with some lower-back tightness.

“He’s fine,” Trembley said. “He’ll be back out there. I don’t think it’s a major thing. It’s something he goes through every spring. It’s just part of what happens to him.”

The readings on Gonzalez’s fastball are low, but Trembley stressed again that the reliever’s arm is fine.

“We’ve done our homework on that and checked with people who have had him in the past, and that’s normally what he does,” Trembley said. “That’s his normal progression in spring training. He’ll start dialing it up as we get closer to the start of the season. There’s nothing wrong with his arm. In fact, if you ask him about his arm, be careful because he will take offense to that. There’s nothing wrong with his arm. That’s just how Gonzo goes about it. He builds up to it.

“He’s predominately a fastball pitcher and this is what he does in order to get ready for the season.”

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